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Male back and shoulder waxing in London

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
Male back and shoulder waxing in London

Male back and shoulder waxing in London

No two guys have the same amount of body hair or body shape.

We’re all individuals and generally we all have our own preference as to the way we want our waxing treatments carried out.

One men’s back waxing option does not suit everybody and for that reason we have several options available for our male clients.

If you require just a very simple back wax that’s fine or if you want to include your shoulders and hairline too it’s just a few minutes more. Some of you guys also want to remove your arm hair right down to your elbow!

Take a look at the options we include on our website and see which one suits you best.

Back waxing is one of the most popular male waxing treatment we carry out in our London waxing studio. It’s often combined with some of the intimate waxing options as well as some of our manscaping choices.