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Free Male Waxing in London!!

Thursday, October 5th, 2017
Free Male Waxing in London!!

Free Male Waxing in London!!

Yes that’s correct – FREE!

Guys we often need models for some free waxing treatments in the city of London. This will include intimate waxing as well as general waxing for areas like the back and chest.

We are planning some mentoring sessions with therapists that will be joining our team!

So the great thing about the free waxing is that we’re working with therapists that are already experienced, qualified and fully trained in men’s waxing. We just need to observe their timings and methods so you’ll be in good hands!!

So if you’re interested in a free wax then just email us at

You’ll need to not have waxed or removed your hair in the last 4 weeks prior to the session and comfortable being waxed by both male and female therapists.

Thanks and happy waxing!

FREE Male Waxing in London

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
Free male waxing in London

Free male waxing in London

Guys if you haven’t had the chance yet to try out a nostril wax… now’s your chance to try it for free!

We use non-strip waxes and the process is fairly painless and really easy to carry out.

If you book any of our upper body waxing treatments: back waxes, chest waxes and torso waxing in the weekday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm we will offer you a free nostril wax.

Happy waxing!