Avoid the following:

For 24 hours:
• Fake tan
• Sauna
• Steam room
• Jacuzzi
• Hot baths & showers
• Applying lotions/moisturisers other than Savlon/similar if necessary
• Exercise that causes sweating and a rise in body temperature
• Applying deodorant or anything perfumed
• Massages/heat treatments
• Swimming in public pools

For 48 hours:
• Sun beds and sunbathing
• Tight clothing that will irritate the area waxed

After facial waxing don’t apply make up other than mineral for the remainder of the day.

Waxing removes dead skin so the skin may be slightly lighter after waxing but will return to normal within a few hours.

A heat reaction may be visible for several hours after and is quite normal, varying from person to person. In the unlikely event this persists beyond 24 hours it could indicate an allergic reaction to the wax and if it worsens then it is advisable to check with a pharmacist, GP or practice nurse.

• Dry brush the area waxed twice a week or use an exfoliating cloth while bathing but don’t be too vigorous. We stock A Bit of Rough wash cloths and you can also purchase online at www.abitofrough.com.
• Apply baby oil/E45 lotion after showering/bathing to help avoid ingrown hairs.

If you have any queries please contact us.

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