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Ideal hair length for male intimate waxing treatments

Intimate trimming

As we see more and more clients booking in for their first male intimate waxing treatment the most popular question that clients ask is, ‘what is the best length for my hair prior to waxing?’

So to ensure you can get the best, most comfortable treatment and for us to offer the best quality service here’s our advice.

Make sure the hair is the correct length!

Often newbies don’t know how long or short the hair needs to be!

Too short and it’s difficult for the wax to grip and shrink wrap the hairs and they won’t get a smooth clean finish, too long and the wax can get matted in long hairs, so if you need to pre trim hair let’s make it clear.

The ideal length is around 5-10mm about the length of a grain of rice.

But don’t worry guys if you turn up with a bush we have both clippers and scissors and are happy to trim when necessary! We’d honestly rather you let us trim than risk you going too short!

Happy waxing…

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