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Keeping cool before, during, and after your waxing!

Prepare for your male waxing treatment

Prepare for your male waxing treatment

It’s very important to ensure that we keep our skin as cool as possible just before carrying out your male waxing treatment as it will make the whole experience much more comfortable and generally ensures a much better reaction on the skin.

So even though the summer seems to have disappeared it is still quite muggy in the capital and is particularly warm when you’re on a packed train carriage especially during rush hour … so allow yourself a few extra minutes travel time for your appointment so you do not need to rush. Plus carry a bottle of water so you can keep cool! Generally the back and the chest and the two areas which tend to get quite warm as you’re usually got several layers of clothing, shirts and jackets.

We will cleanse and sanitise the skin before we carry out your waxing so this will remove any moisture or sweat from the skin before we start.

After waxing it’s really good guys if you can bring a clean cotton T-shirt.

This just means you’re keeping your skin as clean as possible as part of your waxing aftercare.

Happy waxing!

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