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Stripe Payment Processing

So with the move comes the first change you’ll notice – we’ve changed from Paypal to Stripe for securing online appointments.

We’re no longer charging you 25% to book, but we are now capturing your card details through Stripe so we can charge the agreed to 25% for no-shows and late cancellations where we receive less than the requested 24 hours notice. If we find this doesn’t work as well as taking the non-refundable booking fee we have been then this decision will be revisited!

We’ve also taken out the option to pay online in full because we’d actuall rather process the payment through our card terminal or take cash on the day and this all comes down to fees. Stripe isn’t as expensive as Paypal, but our terminal is cheaper still and involves you putting your pin in which makes it more secure for us too.

Please note all processing is through Stripe and we do not have access to your complete card details. Stripe holds everything on their servers, much the same was as Paypal.

Everything’s coming together nicely and we’re all eager to get into The Klinik.

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