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Male chest waxing in London

Male chest waxing in London

Male chest waxing in London

Well there’s really no better way to show off all that hard earned work at the gym whilst you’ve been building those muscles than being hairfree!

We see many more guys booking in these days for a chest wax treatment, or adding it on to their usual waxing regime. If it’s just the upper chest or if it’s to include the abs we can offer a chest waxing treatment to suit!

Also the once popular BSC WAX .. more commonly known as the back, sac, and crack wax (an intimate wax combined with a back wax) has now been replaced with the CSC WAX – the chest, sac, and crack! This is a chest wax combined with an intimate waxing treatment and we see as any clients for this that we for the BSC!

So guys time to man up and get that chest waxed!

Happy Waxing!

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