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Men’s back waxing options

Male back waxing in London

Male back waxing in London

Nowadays we live very much in a society where one size doesn’t suit all…. if it’s the cup of latte on the go, the organic smoothie or the side order of fries with your burger!

So you’ll be pleased to know that it’s really the same with men’s back waxing. Whilst back waxing is one of the most popular male grooming treatments we offer here at our Liverpool Street waxing salon we find that clients vary so much in their requirements, amount of body hair and where they want the back wax to start and finish that we have allowed for this in our male waxing treatment list.

Our basic back wax is just that, allowing those clients who don’t need much hair removed to choose this option. Then there are clients who like to include the hair line, shoulders, upper arms and even some clients who prefer to wax right down to the elbow! We also include the back wax in some of the combinations of male intimate waxing treatments.

So one back wax option won’t suit all, check out the price list on the website and our easy online booking system, the selections are priced and treatment times planned accordingly.

Happy Waxing!

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