Your first appointment will include a short consultation to ensure there are no reasons why you should not be waxed. It is important you are honest with your therapist as there are some conditions and medications which will mean you cannot be waxed – this is for your own safety. Please appreciate that as professionals we will not wax you if it is not safe to do so, for your good health and our reputation and peace of mind.

Ideally the hair you wish to be waxed needs to be at least 8mm in length, being shorter may make it more uncomfortable, take longer and may not achieve the best finish.

Please arrive on time for your appointment to ensure you receive the waxing you have booked. All of our clients are equally important to us and we aim to offer you all the same great, timely service.

Please also ensure you are relatively fresh and clean which will give you a better end result and be much nicer for us too!

There is no reason for you to be self-conscious – we all consider ourselves to have flaws, but we’re not looking at the size of your belly, bum or bits! The areas you want waxed need to be bare otherwise it’s not going to happen!

The best thing you can do is relax and let us do our job. If you tense up while being waxed it will definitely hurt, so RELAX! Some people take a couple of paracetamols or similar a short while before their waxing appointment – if you feel you’d benefit then that is up to you. The temporary discomfort associated with waxing varies from person to person but usually the more you get waxed and the older you get this diminishes as the hair is less well rooted and finer. By the time your treatment is completed you’ll not be thinking about the sensation of having your hairs pulled from their roots but more about the smooth skin left behind.

For each client we wear clean gloves and sterilize the equipment and treatment couch. The only thing you will be asked to do during your appointment is turn over if required – you will not need to help in any way, we do everything so you can chat away or just close your eyes and chill out if you want. We will also give you aftercare advice to help you get the best from your waxing between appointments.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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