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 We provide waxing and manscaping services for all in the heart of the City of London.

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Your first £30+ visit gets an 'A Bit of Rough' exfoliating wash cloth (RRP£9)!

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Get booked...

Bookings are now taken online only or by re-booking at the end of an appointment. This is done on an independent, secure server run by the system provider Ovatu. Click the link at the top of the site or go to hotwaxlondon.book.app to book now! Gift cards and Passes are available to purchase there too.

Check your emails...

When you book online you'll receive a confirmation email and on your first reservation a consultation form to fill in. These forms may not seem important but they keep you safe and provide us with everything we need to keep everyone safe and therefore our business open.

Follow the aftercare...

The aftercare advice you will be given at the end of your appointment and via email can also be found here on this website. Please follow it to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth after your wax. The advice is given to prevent you having an adverse reaction or a spotty outbreak.


To achieve the best results from waxing maintain a regular appointment schedule attending every six weeks or so. You'll receive an email reminder to rebook if you haven't already done so.

Buy a Pass to get 9 treatments for the price of 8!

Body Waxing

Waxing of the torso, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Intimate Waxing

Waxing of the intimate areas as covered by a pair of knickers or speedos.

Facial Waxing

Waxing of the face usually includes brow shaping, nostrils, ears, cheekbones, upper lip and chin.
Please note we do not wax beards.


For those who find waxing too uncomfortable, are highly reactive to waxing, or perhaps don't want to be completely hair free there is manscaping. AKA clippering, this is available for all non-intimate areas of the body and is carried out with electric clippers, not scissors!

Avoid for 24 hours

• Sauna, steam & jacuzzi
• Hot baths & showers
• Swimming
• Exercise, sweat & overheating
• Massages & heat treatments
• Applying lotions, moisturisers, deodorant & anything perfumed to waxed areas
• After facial waxing don’t apply make up other than mineral for the remainder of the day

Avoid for 48 hours

• Sun beds & sunbathing
• Tight clothing that will irritate the area waxed

Then after 48 hours...

• Exfoliate twice or more a week but don’t be too vigorous. Our A Bit of Rough wash cloth is excellent for this.
• Apply E45 lotion or another moisturiser after showering/bathing to help avoid ingrown hairs.
• Check our shop for our recommended products.

Bonus tips!

• Wear clean, loose fitting clothes after waxing.
• Don't let freshly waxed areas touch unsanitised furtniture.
• When you get home or before bed have a quick, cool shower to rinse off any sweat.
• Waxing removes dead skin so the skin may be slightly lighter after waxing but will return to normal within a few hours.
• A heat reaction/hives may be visible for several hours after and is quite normal, varying from person to person. In the unlikely event this persists beyond 24 hours it could indicate an allergic reaction to the wax and if it worsens then it is advisable to check with a pharmacist, GP or practice nurse.


In the current pandemic all therapists have guidelines to follow. Face masks are no longer compulsory but are still advised in enclosed spaces and during close contact services. Therapists all wear a new pair of disposable nitrile gloves for each client and all couches are disinfected between clients and covered in disposable, single use couch roll and sheets.

The Products We Use

All the waxes, pre- and post-application products we use are from Cirépil by Perron Rigot.

Trade Memberships & Insurance

All therapists are insured, predominantly by The Guild of Beauty Therapists. Some of us also hold teaching qualifications.


Entry is gained by pressing our buzzer by the door at street level. We are based on the second floor of The Klinik and unfortunately there are no lifts.


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