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Your first appointment will include a short chat to discuss your consultation form and ensure there are no reasons why you should not be waxed. It is important you are honest with us as there are some conditions and medications which will mean you cannot be waxed – this is for your own safety. Please appreciate that as professionals we will not wax you if it is not safe to do so, for your good health and our reputation and peace of mind.

Ideally the hair you wish to be waxed needs to be at least around 8mm in length, being shorter will make it more uncomfortable, take longer and may not achieve the best finish.
Please arrive on time for your appointment to ensure you receive the waxing you have booked. All our clients are equally important to us and we aim to offer you all the same great, timely service.

Please also ensure you are relatively fresh and clean which will give you a better end result and be much nicer for us too!
There is no reason for you to be self-conscious - we all consider ourselves to have flaws, but we’re not looking at the size of your belly, bum or bits! We literally see various sections of naked bodies all day and are only interested in the hair and health of the skin beneath. The areas you want to be waxed need to be bare otherwise it’s just not going to happen!

The best thing you can do is relax and let us do our job. If you tense up while being waxed it will definitely hurt more, so RELAX! Some people take a couple of paracetamols or similar a short while before their waxing appointment – this is not something we necessarily advocate, but if you feel you’d benefit then that is up to you. The temporary discomfort associated with waxing varies from person to person but usually the more you get waxed and the older you get this diminishes as the hair is less well rooted and finer. By the time we’ve completed your treatment you’ll not be thinking about the sensation of having your hairs pulled from their roots but more about the smooth skin left behind!

For each client we use a new pair of disposable gloves (latex-free), sterilize our equipment and sanitize our treatment couch. We will also give you aftercare advice to help you get the best from your waxing between appointments.

All monetary payment methods except Diners and bitcoin are accepted. When you book in online you must secure your appointment with your card details. You can pay by another method at the end of your appointment if you prefer.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

When it comes to exfoliating everyone likes different methods, frequencies and levels of roughness. What this usually translates to is they’ve tried one method, noticed an improvement in their skin and haven’t varied it since!

We're in the ‘often and gentle’ camp. Ingrowns are most commonly problem areas on the legs for women, the belt line for men, and the intimate areas for both. Our product recommendations are available to purchase at the time of your appointment and in our online shop for home delivery. The first time you have a wax with us over £30 though we will give you one of our very own A Bit of Rough exfoliating cloths free of charge.

So, top tips for post-wax skin care:
• Don’t exfoliate for the first couple of days.
◦ The last thing you want to be doing is rubbing open pores. They’ve just been waxed, they’re exfoliated enough for now!
• Don’t have super hot baths or showers.
◦ Hot water dries the skin out. If possible have a cold blast for couple of seconds at the end of a shower to help close the pores.
• Gently does it!
◦ You don’t need to go at skin like you’re grating cheese! Making yourself really red or if you’ve a darker skin tone marking yourself by scrubbing too hard can cause pigmentation issues just like when you have a scratch or insect bite. A circular motion is best too as it hinders harsh scrubbing, exfoliates from every angle and is good for circulation which will promote healthy skin from the inside out.
• Daily exfoliation is best as you’re doing it gently.
◦ There’s no great build-up of dead skin, make-up, products or pollution to get rid of. Hairs don’t grow inwards as they can push straight through beyond the surface.
• Moisturise!
◦ After a bath or shower with freshly buffed skin don’t dry yourself completely. Leave the skin damp as now is the time to trap all that lovely hydration into the skin. This is what moisturising is all about. If using multiple skin care products use them in the right order, i.e. oil after lotion as the lotion won’t penetrate the oil. If you’re using a particular brand or system check their advice to get the best results.

Benefits of regular, gentle exfoliation and moisturising:
• Softer, smoother skin
• A healthy glow now all the surface build-up has gone
• Less/no ingrown hairs
• Tans are extended without too much effort as the moisturised skin doesn’t flake off as quickly.

We hope you find the above useful.

People often ask if we get lots of gay guys, strippers, bodybuilders, insert any group and you get the idea. Let us say this: waxing is for everyone. We get people in from across the full human spectrum and welcome them all regardless of race, creed, gender identity, able-bodiedness etc. As long as you are over 18, a competent adult, and it is medically sound to remove your hair with wax then waxing is for you. Please note we do reserve the right to refuse anyone who behaves inappropriately or makes us feel threatened in any way but it’s never happened yet so don’t be that person!

For thousands of years the human race has been evolving and bettering itself. At the root of our motivations is an instinctive drive for procreation and finding a mate to facilitate that need. This is where our vanity comes in!

Traditionally women have blazed the trail in hair removal to make themselves look and feel more feminine – more appealing as the fairer sex if you will. The Egyptians were a dedicated bunch and disliked hair so much they often removed every last strand. This apparently was then considered a class indicator and everyone wanted to be flashing the biggest proverbial truck.

Typically now in modern times waxing for men and manscaping have become more popular and mainstream as guys want to look after themselves and also present their best groomed version to the world just like women have been encouraged to do for far longer.

There’s another reason guys and gals like to wax – for hygiene purposes. It's much easier to keep armpits and the intimate areas clean when there's at least less hair there.

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